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1 Year The ZOO - 2 Days Party@The ZOO Music:Culture

1 Year The ZOO - 2 Days Party

Do., 03. Okt. 2013 21:00 @ The ZOO Music:Culture , Linz

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Wir starten unser Geburtstagsweekend schon am Donnerstag und das mit richtig Bumms ;)

Der Partylöwe von Driving Forces kommt diesmal zur Futterstelle und wird alle Tanzbeine, gleich zu Beginn des Birthdayweekends, auf die Probe stellen...

und das ganze bei FREE ENTRY!!!

dazu MangoMojito um schlumpfige € 4,90

Musikanten des Abends:


THE SPELL’s journey began at the age of 14 years when he came in contact with electronic music and it’s technology for the first time. From then on he followed the story of the Austrian event promoter XXX Productions and idolized their Dj-Mix compilations “Favorite Tools” which presented the elite of the Austrian Techno circus! But it took a long time until The Spell started mixing music himself. He was 23, when he bought his first pair of Technics turntables and a simple 2 channels mixer. This was the moment when he finally lost control and became addicted to Techno music. The young man started collecting vinyls and used every possible free second learning himself to mix them together until he was experienced enough to play his first gigs.

In 2006, the Upper Austrian DJ Chris Morgan was fascinated by the skills of the young Dj and invited him to his booking agency “Giants Music”. After many appearances at the most important clubs of Upper Austria like Tunnel or the legendary Cembran/Cellar, it was time to go seperated ways again! 2008 was the most important year of The Spell’s young career. He came in contact with Sutter Cane, who was one of the leading figures of XXX Productions and after some time he was allowed to work at their events like Gazometer, Com.Plex or Overdrive. One day The Spell got the chance to perform at one of their clubnights and this was the moment when Sutter Cane feeled the energy and potential of the upper austrian guy. Both guys became friends for life and so it was just a question of time until Sutter Cane asked The Spell to join his artist pool and the fresh recordlabel DRIVING FORCES RECORDINGS.

Now The Spell is for sure one of the technically most experienced Djs of the Austrian clubscene. Using vinyls, CDs, samplers and effects or his laptop with Traktor Pro and Ableton Live. The Spell knows how to use his stuff the right way and mostly catehes the crowd within seconds.Next to his performing abilities The Spell also works on his own pumping Techno tunes for Driving Forces Recordings.

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