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audiomat @ Halle28@Halle 28

audiomat @ Halle28

Fr., 23. Jul. 2010 21:00 @ Halle 28 , Bozen


the one and only audiomat summer party

ELECTRIC INDIGO (Female Pressure/Flex/A)
Re-Starters (Summer Splash/Antalya/Italy)

open air area with Fun Pool and Bar
Come be4 midnight & get an extra free drink!

and musician, has rocked clubs , raves, festivals all over the world,
from Bogota to Novosibirsk, and also several events of
audiomat(Runkelstein, Mirò, Franzensfeste). In 2002, electric indigo
played on the main stage of detroit's electronic music fest, a great
honor for her since she's been truly inspired and motivated by detroit's
music. 2003 she started her own record label indigo:inc recordings.

selected Dj works:
Berghain, WMF, Maria, E-Werk, Tresor, Mayday, Melt Open Air, Harry
Klein, Rote Sonne, Robert Johnson, Omen, Sziget Festival
[Hungary],Energy [Zurich], EXIT [Novi Sad, Serbia], House Of Blues, Mad
Bar [Chicago], Motor Lounge, Majestic [Detroit], Lunatarium, Limelight,
Tunnel, Soundfactory, Killer, Palladium [New York City], Gorod [Moscow],
4 Rooms [Novosibirsk], Object 01 [Irkutsk], Womb, Colours Studio
[Tokyo], Sativa [Edingburgh], Fuse [Brussels], Brancaleone [Rome], Roxy
[Prag], Loft, Moog [Barcelona], Pulp, Rex, Batofar, Le Triptyque
[Paris], L'Usine [Geneva], Rohstofflager [Zurich], Shocken 17 [Tel
Aviv], Orange [Beijing], La Sala [Bogota]Futura [Sarajevo], Fantasia
[NYC], Ambient City [Helsinki], Hard:Edged, Suicide, BPitch Control
[Berlin], Hyperspace [Budapest],  Gazometer [Vienna], Welcome to Techno
Park [Chicago], Scuby Snacks [Los Angeles], Minneapolis, St. Louis,
Memphis, New Orleans, Quebec City, Sofia, Budapest, Ljubljana, Circoteck
[Bogota], Air Rave.
for more clubs, festivals and discogarphy go to
www.indigo-inc.at; www.myspace.com/electricindigo

young local electronic duo gave their successfull debut at the city
surf at Conrads Ohm (A). One part of Re-Starters is the resident Dj at
the SUMMER SPLASH 2010 in Antalya, europas biggest high school party

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