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Cocoon Pres. Party Animals - Grand opening@Amnesia

Cocoon Pres. Party Animals - Grand opening

Mo., 21. Jun. 2010 21:00 @ Amnesia , Eivissa

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Richie Hawtin, Magda, Ricardo Villalobos, Marco Carola, Ilario Alicante
The change from cold to hot, unbearably hot, and I can feel the moist
air, I can grab it and can feel how my body and soul are reacting to
it. Beads of perspiration, by day and night, even in my stomach and in
my head. It's getting dark and there it is again, this feeling. Getting
out, breathing warm air, touching humans, feeling frequencies. The ice
cubes in my mouth, the rest of my drink and endless beats, always new
but still familiar.

It's just like the very first time. In the eye of the storm, I embrace
everybody and grab the world but I don't get it. Tonight it's gonna
happen. Again and again, energy and reality are melting into a
different world. My world. Your world. My House is your House. Look at
me, listen to me... feel me and I feel you! I am You and We are One!
The never-ending heat of the night is taking over... give me time, more
time and let me see the sunrise!

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