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Esch Stadtpark Musik

Sa., 19. Sep. 2009 23:00 @ Pratersauna , Wien - Leopoldstadt

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SEPH* live
Igloo, Dumb Unit, 11am - Buenos Aires

Florian Scheibein
Stadtpark Musik, Pratersauna  - Wien

Stadtpark Musik - Feldkirch

Markus Lindner
Stadtpark Musik - Wien

*SEPH Introduction:

Hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina, young Sebastian Galante started 
to study music by playing the piano and percussion at the age of 7. As 
a young teenager, he moves to Norwich, England, starting to compose 
piano pieces (focusing on an aleatoric improvisation approach) as well 
as anything that came to his mind. Here Seph also developed his love 
for urban music and dance beats. In 2001, with 15 years of age, he 
returns to his homeland and starts his first electronic productions. 
In 2004, influenced by composers of a whole variety of musical areas 
(from Erik Satie, Pink Floyd, Kraftwerk and John Cage to Michael 
Jackson, Bjork and Plastikman) he dove into producing dark and funky 
minimal techno.
In 2005, with only 19 years of age, Seph's debut ep "Goust" is 
released on Igloo-rec and from then on he becomes one of the label..s 
main faces. He starts to get recognized for his up to 4-hour live 
sets, playing alongside fellow artists such as Barem, Violett, Dilo 
etc., and it was also around this time that he formed the audiovisual 
project Goust A/V with Pablo Denegri, with whom later on made releases 
on Dumb Unit. Following his needs to explore other genres, he also 
started to develop another project, Fes, which is musically the exact 
opposite of Seph; if Seph makes spooky techno, Fes is a downtempo, 
melodic, optimistic and much more freestyle project.
2006 sees him participating in “Aires Buenos” (Unfoundsound). Later on 
this year he appears in Post Office Special Argentina Madness, a 
compilation that groups the new generation of experimental techno 
argentinian artists (Telegraph). He works also with Dilo and has 
another project, Geoph Serge, with Jorge Savoretti.
In 2007 he releases on labels such as Stock5, Kalimari, Phonocult, 
Dumb Unit, 11AM and he appears on compilations such as Groove cd 108, 
FUSE presents Steve Bug and Jeremy Caulfield..s Detached Works.
In 2008, he releases “Obsure” (with Pablo Denegri) on Dumb Unit, “That 
Hooded” on 11AM and he participates on Igloo-rec..s “Igloo Nueva Ola” 
and “Argentina VS Detroit” as well as the compilation “Overview” of 
LesIzmo:r. Seph has made live shows all over the world in clubs and parties such 
as Cocoliche (Buenos Aires), Harry Klein (Munich), Fuse (Brussels), 
City Fox (Zurich), Watergate (Berlin), Gazgolder Gallery (Moscow), D-
Edge (Sao Paolo), Kazantip Festival (Ukraine), Minitek (New York), 
SAMC (Buenos Aires) and Mutek (Buenos Aires). Right now he takes a 
break from touring to work on his new album, to be released on Dumb 
Unit next year.


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