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grime time volume 2@Titanic Club

grime time volume 2

Fr., 13. Feb. 2015 23:00 @ Titanic Club , Wien

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Mad Saturdayz & RUNTIN.net proudly present:
▧▤▨▩ MadSpot GrimeTime Vol. 2 ▩▧▤▨

Yarr!! It's Friday the 13th again and time to get wavey as we capture Titanic to raise the GrimeTime-flag and follow true sound madness on a musical journey along deep dark basslines through live MC cyphers in Room1 and reach higher vibez and caribbean tides in Room2. -braa!!! follow the madness and join the MadSpot-linkup-invasion!!! 1

✘ Room1: UK Bass, Grime, Trap & Live MC Cypha
✘ Room2: HipHop, Reggae, Dancehall

pon mic:

✘ AC Boulton (bristol, uk)
✘ Slikka MC
✘ Camel
✘ GnT
✘special guest mc appearances

pon deckz:

✘ Cueing
✘ B.Ranks
✘ Mad Hiaz
✘ Moerky Moerk
✘ Highlight Intl
✘ Kodak
✘ Judah

Entry: 5,- (@doors)
Start: 23:00
Venue: Club Titanic (Theobaldgasse 11, 1060 Vienna)

Grime a.k.a. 8-bar or sublow is a music genre that emerged in London in the early 2000s. It represents a street and crew based hybrid of UK Garage, Drum’n’Bass, Dancehall and Hip Hop. It became popular across the underground scene mainly through pirate radio stations like Rinse FM and a few artists like Dizzee Rascal, Wiley or Kano brought Grime to mainstream media attention. Nowadays it counts among the most aspiring (black) youth cultures within the UK and gets more and more globally recognised, as beats became more diverse and rappers versatile - voicing over Dubstep, Trap and other kinds of riddims! Pow!

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