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House Of What The Fashion Fucked@Club Wirr

House Of What The Fashion Fucked

Fr., 06. Sep. 2013 14:00 @ Club Wirr , Wien - Neubau

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EY babes! what up!! SpEzIaLe ONETIMEONLY im WIRR OIDA!!

Official Afterparty of FASHION FUCKED !!
--> https://www.facebook.com/events/612800272097452/?fref=ts

<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Whoa its like a sona in here
I’m getting spicy hot in my tiny top, is there a vent or a fan that blows

I could use a a/c unit, or a damp tunic(by Mark&Julia), I just need relief
Cause I’m never gonna make it to the dance floor, I’m moist enough just watching
Secreding liquid as I sit, back of my leg going drip drip drip.

<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Best get your drinks! Best get your drinks!
At a high rate you should hydrate cause we're gonna be jirate, all over you

but ive just been called by a sweet beat, somebody hold my peitite vest (by Prinzessin auf der Erbse)
I start plopping dance moves like I plop my almond butter
My curves less windy but you can still find me
Dancing in a friendship circle humping sombody’s air
Oh I like your hustle but watch out you best not pull a muscle

<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

ENTRY: 3 € all night. (its cheap! okay!)

Under 18? NOT SO KEEN! STAY AT HOME! (Does your Moma know?)


DJs + Djanes:


Faux Fox DJ team

Mark Julia

Mariella Morgana Mayer

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