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Lucid Dreams@Viper Room

Lucid Dreams

Fr., 15. Mai. 2009 20:00 @ Viper Room , Wien - Landstrasse

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KIRIYAMA (Devils Mind Records,swe) LIVE!!!!!! presenting his debut album!

When the skateboard culture grew strong in Sweden during the mid 90s, Alex picked up his guitar and formed a skatepunk band with some of his friends. Later, after having moved to the famous Swedish city Orebro, he began writing electronic music and the Kiriyama project was born. The Kiriyama sound could be described as Swedish forest music with influences from a great number of genres, primarily mid-90s goa trance, jazz and psychedelic music from the 1960s.

Alex founded Devils Mind Records together with Dennis The Menace in 2004, a label which specialises in releasing contemporary night music in limited editions. He frequently collaborates with Hishiryo and is right now working on his debut album.

Alex has performed in numerous countries besides Sweden such as Japan, USA, Spain, Russia, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Ukraine, Hungary, and Norway.


ALPHA (Interzone.pa,ger)
Alpha's activity in the Trance-Movment (since the beginning of the 90's) are different: DJ (Dark Psytrance), Musician (-Z-/Alienbabies/E-Chip -R.I.P.-/..Till 2005 Star Sounds Orchestra/Mad Contrabander feat. Alpha/Element feat. Alpha/Akanoid feat. Alpha/A Million Lights feat. Alpha/Acan & Alpha/Space Twats Triggerfish & Alpha-/T.A.S.C.-The Alpha Sangeet Connection -R.I.P.-), Journalist (Mushroom Magazine till 2002, V.I.B.E.Z. Magazine till 2005), O.Z.O.R.A.Producer, Organizer (Interzone.pa), Moderator of ALPHA..S CRAZY SOUNDS (Every Thursday 20.00 - 22.00 CET Trance-Show on [click here]) and Stagemanager (VUUV Festival, O.Z.O.R.A. Festival, BOOM Festival...)

MURUKHAN (HippyFlip,esp)

PSYKOS (Psyence rec./Scared Evil rec.,aut)

LYSERG (Lucid Crew,aut)

ORIGIN (Interplay of Forces,aut)

DA RAY vs MANDULIS (untied fraggles,aut)

21:00-22:00 Lyserg Djset
22:00-23:30 Da Ray vs Mandulis Djset
23:30-00:45 Origin Djset
00:45-02:00 Psykos Djset
02:00-03:30 Alpha Djset
03:30-05:00 Kiriyama LIVE :)
05:00-06:30 Murukhan Djset
kann natürlich noch kleine änderungen geben!

FULL ON FLOOR hostet by **** SPIRIT SUN ****

!!! Special 6h Performance by Trick Cyclist vs Maya vs Sun Experience !!!
Maya (Spirit Sun/ Blubbb Prod., aut)
Sun Experience (Spirit Sun/ Zero Gravity Rec.,aut)
Trick Cyclist (Lucid Crew/Spirit Sun,aut)

Special VJ Performance by
HAUSCHER (lucid dreams resident)

Chai by che.manfred Chai,Cake,Fresh Fruits:)

mit special KUSCHELECK im Chill !:)

In Gedenken an Albert Hoffman's bevorstehenden 1jährigen Totestag

Please NO Dogs NO Drugs!

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