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Psychedelic Revolution 2

Sa., 14. Apr. 2012 22:00 @ Loft Graz , Graz

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Mit dabei werden auch Heimische, Unbekannte Dj aus der Goa Szene sein!!!


Dip See Pagat live
(Noize Conspiracy Rec./ Zero Gravit Rec.)

Pagat is the Alter-Ego of Roman D, an allegedly normal guy who is coincidentally residing in one of the Psychedelic Hot-Spots of Austria - Innsbruck. Feeling a close connection to all kinds of music through his whole life, Roman discovered the Psytrance Genre around the turn of the Millenium – got totally hooked and started to mix. Later he went on to organise smaller events in his hometown and over the following years managed to establish a big network of friends and like-minded artists around the planet. As the love to this music grew stronger and stronger, he now dedicates most of his money and time to collect the gadgets needed nowadays for electronic music production, in order to improve his own live act project. The years fly by, and Pagat is now a well known name around the psychedelic scene, constantly working on his production level, mixing skills and connections, while travelling the planet to experience states of mind and collect knowledge to finally be able to transcend his twisted funny thoughts and feelings into frequencies and vibrations that are as clear as a crystal. In 2011 he was found by stranded psy-pirates in the mountains of Tirol and generously taken aboard their ship - Pagat is now sailing under the flag of "Bom Shanka Music".



Dj Lumin
(Freigeist Project)

Dj Lil'Kris

Dj Bernie b2b Dj Maximale
(Survivor Rec.)

(MethylVenyl Rec) AUT

Dip See Pagat
(Bom Shanka Rec.)

more coming soon....


MindDesign and Friends

Info Ausserdem wird es auch zwei kleine Shops geben!

uniqueart - fimo stuff

Knixx,Light&Fun Shop!!!
Leuchtschmuck und innovative Partyspaßartikel

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Location Eventcenter Loft
Griesgasse 25
8020 Graz

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