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back to the 80ies Halle28@Halle 28

back to the 80ies Halle28

Sa., 25. Dez. 2010 21:00 @ Halle 28 , Bozen


remember last year at Mirò? let's repeat the big success this x-mas at HALLE 28
The best music from the 80ies presented by the mitical


D J.Holmes (US&A)
Dj Matt & Mr. Softee (twins from mars)
dress 80ies or bad taste style and get a free shot!!!!

D J.Holmes
son of the american radio dj star Howar D. Stern! A so called Bastard!
he grow up in Beverly Hills of the 80ties and met all his idols such as
Madonna, Michael Jackson, Cindy Lauper, Grace Jones, Giorgio Moroder.
Inspired by their style and way of life he got into the scene as the
toyboy of B.Nielson (which makes him famous over night). He began djing
with a C64 and commodore and quickly he started his carrer as a warm up
dj for the best 80ties band all around the world. Now he is more than 40
years old and still touring as one of the best booked and payed Djs in
the world
(in Lire and Deutsch Mark).



Matt & Mr.Softee
are half-human/half-robot twins who were separated at birth, fruit of a
genetic experiment in which the circuits of a 808 Roland drum-machine,
the oscillators of an Oberheim synthesizer and the human DNA were melted
together into a fluo-embryo. They grew up watching Miami Vice and John
Carpenter’s movies. They drink cocktails at breakfast, wear sunglasses
at night and drive a white Testarossa to go shopping.

are like human jukeboxes, they know every single 80s song which was
ever produced ranging from newwave to italodisco and everything in

So do not lose the chance to come and check out their sound!
They will instantaneously make you dive back in the neon years!

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