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East of Berlin in English

Sa., 29. Nov. 2014 19:30 @ Tabakfabrik , Linz

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2014-15 Theatermenschen Season:

by Hannah Moscovitch

A Drama about the generation after WWII
Bau 1, Stiege D ("Panoramafloor")
Peter-Behrens-Platz 7, 4020 Linz


A family's past returns to devastate the life of young Rudi, as he struggles to deal with the fact that his father was an SS-Doctor.

Paraguay 1970.
Rudi lives the life that others can only dream of. He lives in a luxurious house with a pool and servants. His family loves and cares for him. As a child, his father read him bedtime stories. One day at school, his best friend Hermann lets it slip that Rudi's father was a doctor in the SS. Appearantly Rudi's father conducted grusome experiments during the war and then was able to flee to South America when the war was over. Rudi's seemingly perfect world can never be the same. Over months and years he tries to come to terms with his history.

Rudi's biggest battle is with his loving father who is has difficultly seeing as a cold-blooded torturer and war criminal. Rudi rebels and with unruliness he tries to write his dads wrongs.

When Rudi travels to Germany to study at university he meets and falls in love a Jewish-American who is in Germany researching about her mother who survived Auschitz. Unexpectedly Sarah get pregnant and Rudi feels he must try to hide his family's past at all costs....

Approximately 80 minutes runtime.

This project is funded by the city of Linz and the state of Upper Austria.


Nazis from the perspective of the generation after WWII
Generation Gap
Coming to terms with the past
Rebellion against parents


We are an english & german language professional theater group based in Linz. We produced contemporary and compelling theatre at a professional level. Our goal is produce play with a focus on interpersonal relationships making them also have a high pedagogical value. Our productions are for the general public as well as school groups!

**CAST (English)

Rudi -
Sarah - Victoria Halper
Hermann - Alexander Knaipp


Produced & Directed by - Victoria Halper
Stage & Costume Design by - Tamara Raunjak
Dramaturgy: Alexander Knaipp
Drama in Education: Mag. Erwin Dorn
Teacher’s Handbook: Brigitte Halper


Normal €22 / VVK € 20
Concessions (Seniors and

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