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Palenke Soultribe Electroniclatin@Fania Live

Palenke Soultribe Electroniclatin

Fr., 17. Jul. 2015 21:00 @ Fania Live , Wien


PALENKE SOULTRIBE is known for their live performances, combining infectious Afro-Colombian rhythms with electronic production and live (GoPro) visuals. Their sound draws on deeply rooted tradition and melodies, while infusing beats and samples reflecting the vibrant Pan-Latino vibe of today.
Originally formed in Colombia, the flavor of cumbia and Baranquilla's carnival will entice your palates. Their current home of Los Angeles is however responsible for that shimmering punchy-ness of PST's dance music.
Palenke Soultribe was formed by producers Juan Diego Borda (bass) and Andres "Popa" Erazo (keys, samples & visuals). Teaming up with explosive drummer Argel Cota and master percussionist of all things Latin: Clodomiro Montes, was vital to unlocking their distinct sound.
It all boils down to their highly energetic live shows, for which they've been hailed from the Swiss mountains, to Mexico City's urban jungle and sweaty clubs in New York. They continuously push the envelope by adding surprising visuals, integrated GoPro camera's and looping samples they've gathered. In 2015 they'll continue their long standing collaborations with Palenque Records, the legendary band Son Palenque and singer Petrona Martinez. Time is ripe for Palenke Soultribe to travel further, find partners to create viable tours, reach further into more closed markets and to reach beyond genres. PST is a club music combustion of LA underground beats, dynamic roots , live percussion, heavy bass and fun visuals.

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