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Beatmaker - The Future of Music Sessions@Fluc / Fluc Wanne

Beatmaker - The Future of Music Sessions

Do., 23. Jän. 2014 21:00 @ Fluc / Fluc Wanne , Wien - Leopoldstadt

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/////// BEATMAKER DJ-SET „The Future of Music”
DJ-Set mit eingereichten Tracks. Track-Einreichungen bis 23.01.2014, 21 Uhr
Sende deinen Beat über www.soundcloud.com/beatmakersessions/dropbox oder email mit download link an [email protected]

30 Minuten Spielzeit für entsprechende Bewerber. Bitte kurze Biographie, Tech Rider, Links zu Live Recordings (wenn vorhanden) und Artist Page(s) an [email protected]

MOSCH is a music producer and label head originally from Tyrol. He has been around music since his early years. First Mosch was part of the Hip Hop crew Beatniks, with Mono:Massive and DJ Sight. Then he also discovered his passion for more electronic and experimental stuff, which puts him in-between those sometimes quiet contrary worlds. After working more in the background of the Austrian indie label “Duzz Down San” he wanted to realize his own creative ideas and decided to work on his producer album “Metamorphosis as a Metaphor” which was released on 12 February 2013, as a digital and limited Vinyl album. “Each track is incredibly intricate and delicate in its creation, there is a precise and fine detail to every sound. The percussive elements shape-shift in their interpretation; while guitars, double basses, saxophones and synths fly under, the rhythms flow overheard with an organic quality that takes all of one’s attention from everything else in the track.” Listen for yourself, great stuff: http://moschstrumental.bandcamp.com/album/metamorphosis-as-a-metaphor

SC: https://soundcloud.com/mosch
HP: www.duzzdownsan.com



21:00 – 22:00 BEATMAKER DJ-SET
22:00 – 22:30 L!VE SLOT WINNER
22:45 – 23:15 SPECIAL L!VE GUEST - MOSCH
23:15 – 01:00 BEATMAKER DJ-SET



Home: www.beatmakersessions.eu
Facebook: www.facebook.com/BeatmakerSessionsVienna
Twitter: www.twitter.com/BeatmakerMusic

//////////////////////// English Version ////////////////////////

BEATMAKER „The Future of Music“ SESSIONS is an experimental multi genre night. The aim is to support the Austrian music community with all its players. Especially, music producers who want to get their music out and pump their beats/tracks over a proper sound-system for a live crowd. Producers get the chance to submit a beat previous to any session, or on the night, to be included in the BEATMAKER DJ-Set. Additionally, appropriate candidates can apply for a 30 minute BEATMAKER L!VE Slot. And as a special treat a SPECIAL L!VE GUEST is invited for each Beatmaker Session. Events are being held on a monthly basis.

For more details go to www.beatmakersessions.eu!

Submit Beats for the BEATMAKER DJ-SET via www.soundcloud.com/beatmakersessions/dropbox or send download link to [email protected]

Applications for the 30 minute L!VE SLOT, including links to live sets/mixes, artist page(s) and tech rider, go to [email protected]


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