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DJ Timewarp

Do., 07. Feb. 2008 21:00 @ Café Leopold , Wien - Neubau

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DJ Timewarp (timewarpmusic/GR)
was born in Athens, Greece 25 years before the second millennium. He
was introduced to electronic music at age 13 when he acquired an amiga.
Captivated by the fledging technology's potential he started working on
his own sounds and soon found his musical identity in the area of chill

sound beats. Being a dj as well as a composer he became famous in
the Greek underground electronica scene in early 90’s. Over the years
he appeared in numerous parties and venues and he created one of the
first pioneering dance projects in Greece. Influenced by and
joining forces with a number of other composers and artists he started
expanding the character of his music, combining smooth baselines with
melodic instruments like flute, percussions, vocals, guitars creating a
very characteristic worm ethereal worldly sound. At the same time his
production style moved into funky sounds obtaining rough edges that
applied to his music a dramatic intensity. His well-defined music
signature can be easily identified in all his productions from dud,
downtempo to funky breaks and dance.In early 2004 Timewarp created the independent record label “Timewarp Music”
which has already released till now four Cd’s and four Digital Ep’s. He
has scheduled to release in 2008 four more Cd’s and 6 Ep’s. The music
style of the label is totally Freestyle, that means everything is
blended from Funky Breaks, Dub to House & Downtempo. You can find
him under the aliases Timewarp inc. or Timewarp a.k.a Angelos Stoumpos.

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