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 Edgar Tronic (Vienna,FM4) and DJ Silberruecken@Club Spielplatz

Edgar Tronic (Vienna,FM4) and DJ Silberruecken

Sa., 28. Mai. 2016 21:00 @ Club Spielplatz , Linz

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➡ DJ silberruecken (Brasil/Spain/Germany/Austria/Italy)

➡ Edgar Tronic ( radio FM4 Digital Konfusion Mixshow)
Edgar Tronic, which has already been born into a musical family was already at a young age in 1997, initially under the pseudonym George Leccer; his first gigs for Jedermann, Stargate and more. . Through his very own, very melodic and groovy sets he stood out from the usual sound landscape and could quickly make a name in the scene that brought him to this point in time in every reputable club in the country as Volksgarten, Ottakringer brewery, Conrad Sohm, Dom im Berg, Donau island and the MTV stage or for Tv&Radio-stations like Pro7, FM4 Global Radio and others; where he could always put his talent and his unique mixflow demonstrated. After numerous releases under the name Miami Twice and in 2008 he decided to found another pseudonym, Edgar Tronic. This had been born, and in particular its electronic side, including stress and internationally with great success.

Today he looks back on 14 years of successful DJ business in which he also founded his own label Pinup Production, by undertaking research into successful events such as "Heat" or "Silvestival" and presents other artists in the country and supported. In addition, the enterprising and experienced artist writes a monthly basis as an editor for several magazines scene and works as a consultant for several other operators. Edgar Tronic stands out no later then when he gives his best on the decks, this can be experienced on his sets, the radio or at best, live.

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