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Esch Stadtpark@Grelle Forelle

Esch Stadtpark

Sa., 09. Feb. 2013 23:00 @ Grelle Forelle , Wien

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09 Feb

ESCH # 003

- Club
MARGARET DYGAS / Perlon / Berlin / DE
MARKUS LINDNER / Stadtpark / Feldkirch / AT
LAMPERT / Stadtpark / Feldkirch / AT
DARIO LOERKE / Stadtpark / Essen / DE
- Kitchen
STEFAN S. / Tanz durch den Tag / Vienna / AT


Life as Margaret has experienced it has had more than it’s fair share of unusual twists and turns, she quips about life in a very positive light ‘Never a dull moment!’ With a childhood that began in Poland, at aged 11 she escaped to Germany with her family eventually moving to the States, initially to San Jose, California. In the late eighties the music she was surrounded by and adhered to was old school hip hop; there were house parties every weekend and lots of chillin’ in the backyard. Her discovery of house music started in New York in the early nineties when she moved to study fashion at the renowned Fashion Institute of Technology. Before long her college friends had introduced her to the whirlwind underground club scene; the flamboyant gay clubs where vogueing was all the rage, dressed up club kids, intimate basement techno nights, jungle gatherings and scores of insane house parties.

Captivated by the British dance scene, she moved to London in the summer of 99. Her first job was on the door of Home, her day job was as a make up artist and she began to play out at parties and warming up in clubs. Then three years ago she decided make this her full-time career. Her wide musical background has made her keen to experiment with new sounds and styles through out the years, now more on the electronic side of things where the choice is endless Margaret has found herself where she is most comfortable, from dub to techno and anything in between.

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