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Exploited, Party Arty & WMF present *United Colors*@WMF Club Berlin - closed

Exploited, Party Arty & WMF present *United Colors*

Sa., 27. Feb. 2010 21:00 @ WMF Club Berlin - closed , Berlin

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» Brodinski (Turbo/Sound Pellegrino)
» Renaissance Man (Sound Pellegrino/Dubsided/Kitsuné/Exploited)
» Shir Khan (Exploited)

» DJ Chernobyl (Expoited/Mad Decent)
» Andre Herzig (Superclub)
» Gaucho (Mutfak DRT)

Kunst: Emess (ATM Gallery)
hosted by YANEQ (Party Arty)
French DJ. By now the phrase causes an epidemic of yawns and thoughts of “I’ve heard it all before.” Enter Brodinski, the smart choice when it comes to the new kid on the club scene, with a refreshing twist on his Parisian counterparts.
Although he started studying music at the tender age of 15 in his hometown of Reims, Lille, he didn’t become involved with the addictive world of electro until 2004, when he first became interested in the world of skaters. This in turn led to a fascination in hip-hop, clearly a big influence is some of his work like the Bugged Out mix.
This knowledge thirsty producer is always searching for new music and new sounds, which he has said hip-hops seems to satisfy more than other genres. In lateryears his playlist was dominated by Aphex Twin, Damian Lazarus and Andrew Weatherall, all of whom have made him who he is today in the music industry.
When he became production partners with Yuksek, also based in Lille, he came up with his first major single ‘Bad Runner’, gathering a cult following among big names like Erol Alkan and Soulwax before it was even released. It was leaked onto a number of blogs and forums before it was finally released on Mental Groove in October 2007. Tiga who had been fans of Brodinski since the initial blog leak then invited him to release subsequent singles ‘Gold Digger’, ‘Oblivion’ and 'Peanuts Club' (with Noob) on their Turbo label.
His sound is an electic mish-mash of different samples and sounds, in a permanent state of flux when it comes to mood, sometimes chilled and minimal, at other times a dirty acid house rave. Since 2007 he has become the Wunderkind of the electro circuit, supported on club nights by Soulwax, Tiga, Erol Alkan and Laurent Garnier as well as being promoted to a resident for Panik parties in Paris. His talents have been in great demand from artists like Klaxons and Adam sky for remixes, and with a heavy list of gigs and festival slots coming up it’s set to be an incredibly busy time for Brodinski. Under his alter-ego of Gucci Vump he has released on the new Parisian hipster label Sound Pellegrino.

RENAISSANCE MAN describe themselves as "a platform for contemporary dance music" and 2009 saw a rush of new users embrace the platform. With an onslaught of remixers for Turbo, Kitsune, several classy bootcuts, and EPs on Dubsided, Sound Pellegrino and a forthcoming Split-single with Solo on Exploited, RENAISSANCE MAN arrived in style in 2010. They are dapper, sophisticated, modern, and really good at making a new genre of house music that has the world enthralled, ecstatic and confused, all at the same time.
Since 1995 DJ Chernobyl has had a profound effect on the direction of Brazil's music scene. He is a pioneer and responsible for bringing Baile Funk (brazilian booty beat) to the world of rock through his band "Comunidade Nin-Jitsu", influencing Edu K to produce his world famous hit "Popozuda".
Chernobyl discovered and signed Bonde do Role, produced their album, introduced them to Diplo (who released them on his Mad Decent label) and has produced most of the tracks on their album ‘With Lasers‘, out on Domino Records.
As a DJ he subverts whatever style of music he plays, from Electro, Miami Bass, 80s, Brazilian Oldschool Baile Funk, Baltimore Club, Afro, Kuduro, or Rock n Roll, bending it all to his NEO BAILE FUNK style. He just released his debut EMPINA A PIPA on Exploited - a mix of Afro-Brazil and modern Baile Funk - with fresh mixes by Samim, Renaissance Man, Edu K, Toy Selectah and Joao Brasil.

Shir Khan is head honcho at one of electro's most consistently genre-redefining labels: Exploited. As well as putting out stuff for Consistent, Solo&Renaissance Man, Adam Sky, Siriusmo, Lorenz Rhode, Mowgli (Minimow), Zoo Brazil, Malente&Dex and more, Shir Khan himself is an accomplished DJ and remixer not to mention promoter of his Berlin Night "Jack had a Groove" (now "United Colours"!) &"Berlin Battery" and host for his weekly radioshow on Radio Fritz.
Berliner Shir Khan takes his name from The Jungle Book's villainous tiger and the similarities don't end there. Shir Khan proves he's as charming as he is deadly. Don't expect the usual Teutonic techno tones. Instead this is dance music hybridism in all its most glorious, baffling and technicolour forms, and Shir Khan's an expert at making square pegs fit round holes.
Electro-house is a crowded field with electric fences to boot. In such a busy genre where innovation is often suffocated by the sheer weight of volume of DJs, slamming club nights and relentless releases, it's rare to be sonically arrested. Shir Khan just did it. This Berliner is an old-school jockey managing to start global trots off the back of his well circulated mix-tapes before he'd ever made a tune. Now though, he has the confidence of many promoters in his hands and his contacts and ability to scoop up talent suggests an engaging individual.
Shir Khan is absolutely savage, slick, eclectic, multi genred, music savy and connected. His current "Exploited"-CD has been described as "engaging, riveting and diverse" and received fantastic media coverage with album of the month in Mixmag and DJ-Mag. Currently he is busy with remixing and working on his solo-tracks.

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