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Flea Market Poets Students Night@Weekender Club

Flea Market Poets Students Night

Mo., 23. Mär. 2009 21:00 @ Weekender Club , Innsbruck

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Meet the Flea Market Poets…
An eclectic American rock band with roots in Austin TX and Baltimore MD. The core of the band is: Jason Serious (lead vocals, guitar), Christian Chapman (drums), and Michael Behnke (bass). Often joined on stage and in the studio by guest musicians Grainne McMenamin and Dylan Masells, the Poets play a melodic brand of rock occasionally crossing over into Punk and Americana. Think: Radiohead meets Wilco. Known for versatility and songwriting, the band can capture and engage diverse audiences, delivering equally powerful performances in cafes unplugged as in rock clubs and festivals.
Formed in 2007 the band recorded some rough demos that caught the attention of BRIT Award-winning producer Pete Briquette (Bob Geldof, The Frames) who produced the first single "Captain Nate" (available on iTunes). The Flea Market Poets debut LP is planned for release in early 2009.
The Flea Market Poets support Barack Obama.

web: www.myspace.com/fleamarketpoets

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