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I Dont Care Anymore (Live) / Javier Cassani  (Live set)@Fania Live

I Dont Care Anymore (Live) / Javier Cassani (Live set)

Fr., 10. Jul. 2015 21:00 @ Fania Live , Wien


I Don't Care Anymore
(malamegteresa / (mmt) / indi / hepek / hipnos)
is a dream in ecstasy, the magic formula with which humans free themselves from everyday triviality, from the chains of patterns and principles, melting into the cosmos and discovering all secrets of the world. "I don't Care Anymore" are: Mala (vocal, micro-korg), Teresa (vocal, keyboard), Jessie (e-guitar), Alma (bass guitar) and Meg (drums).

Javier Cassani
percussionist and electronic musician,
born in General San Martin, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
He was co-founder and member of Sirte Tircco and Sirte Akustika. Today his life is set in Vienna, Austria. He plays in the band I Don`Care Anymore (Malamegteresa) and performs live solo acts. His music is mix of different styles like tango, cumbia, reggae, tropical sounds and electronics beats.

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