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Kofy Brown LIVE!

Fr., 08. Feb. 2008 21:00 @ Café Leopold , Wien - Neubau

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SALON: Kofy Brown LIVE! (USA) / K. Brown (voc.), J. De Rose (dr.), S.Leahy (guit.), B. Dean (bass), Shakewell Soundsystem feat. DJ Dan & Phekt
CAFE: This is a journey into sound! - DJs hnzn & perrez (mpc60 lovers)

ABOUT KOFY BROWN:Kofy and her band the KBB
are well known for their electrifying stage show which is full of
priceless vitality. The music is a gratifying mix of cool soul,
eclectic funk and moving lyrics. Kofy Brown will be touring in 2008 to
support the up coming Soul Rock CD.

Some of Kofy Brown's credit include a 2001 nomination for best R&B album
of the year, California Music Awards; MTV Commercial Promo "SNITCH"
1999 & 2000, songs on numerous independent films, Gypsy Boys, The
Real Thing and the Showtime documentary Butch Mystique and the PBS
documentary, "Breaking the Glass" to name a few. Kofy Brown has been
written up in several national and international magazines including
the Vibe Magazine, Oor Magazine (Netherlands), URB, and USA Today, as
one of today's emerging artist. She has also been featured at the
prestigious North Sea Jazz Festival, Liberation Festival, Blue Balls
Festival, and many other European and US festivals.

Her focus
is derived from the fact that she is a self taught musician who learned
her craft from playing in a family band throughout her childhood. A
commanding stage performer, Kofy is an authentic talent who sings,
produces and writes all of her own material. She also plays keyboards,
guitar, bass and drums. Kofy's voice is velvety and deep with an
undercurrent of staccato urgency. It mesmerizes her audiences while
simultaneously sending her message loud and clear. "I want people to
feel good when they hear us play, or at least feel something.....music
to me is about how it makes you emote as a person, that's where I'm
coming from as a performer and songwriter"

Kofy Brown is one
of those rare artists with universal appeal. With heartfelt songs and
an electrifying stage show, Kofy Brown has seduced audiences around the
world with her unifying message of peace, purpose, hope and love. Kofy
Brown- Love Warrior forever!

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