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Mayday Budapest - Massive Moments@Hajógyári Sziget

Mayday Budapest - Massive Moments

Sa., 13. Jun. 2009 20:00 @ Hajógyári Sziget , Budapest

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Dubfire, Timo Maas, Christian Smith, Lützenkirchen, Newl, Jay Cortez, Zsíros, Schmidt, Grega, Szeka, Collins And Behnam, Members Of Mayday, John Acquaviva, Robert Babicz, Guy Gerber, Ian Ossia, Roger Jordan, Breeth, Chriss, Dandy, Slam Jr., Cartman, Tommyboy, Yvel & Tristan, Nils, Griff, Corey Korosy, Feky & Creator, Andy State, Eddie Horse, Mono-Tone, Julian, Randall & Sylvie, Soundsmith, Bohumil & Relief, Tian, Chaab, Mannel, Garay, Mattan & Invoice, Jay Lumen & Snake Sedrick, Andro, Chris Lawyer & Thomy, Jámbor & Rich, Andrewboy, Deep Junior, Miss Siva, Schiipman, Aydan, Miss Siva, Manic N, Breeth, Goodspeed, Jankec, F.T.W. & 3l3ktro Groove, D.Lectro, Cyrus, Shoelace, Peter Kersak, Slide, Stamp, Kornel, Zack Marullo, Pöli & Surprise, P60, Forteba, Skiz, Madox, Polarize & Rocha, Nigel Snorter, Rony Breaker, Lank, Zee



The Mayday Story

History of Mayday: success at it’s best!

From year to year, from town to town, one thing is for sure: love the music and dance!

Did you know, that the first Mayday was organized to save a radio station, or that the Prodigy’s first appearance before a bigger crowd happened here? If the answer is yes, you certainly will not miss it this year. If you said “no”, then it is high time to get a taste of the vibe of the world’s craziest one-night party with the greatest traditions on the 13th of June, 2009 in Budapest!

First of all, we need to get an old popular error right: the event’s name is not alluding to the year’s fifth month, May, but to something completely different. There your are, the exact definition: Mayday is an international distress signal used in voice procedure radio communications. It derives from the French term m’aider, meaning “help me”, although this form is more imperative and stressful. It is used by air and water transport staff, and in English speech area, also by the police and firefighters.

Here were are... A noble aim made thousands move in 1991: saving Radio DT64! An internationally acclaimed muster of electronic music, which attracts a crowd of thousands every time in the biggest cities of Europe: MAYDAY. The latter came from the preceding, namely the most successful initiative of all time in this genre.

Those lovers of electronic music who live and move, are can’t even imagine to miss a Mayday. Big things always happened and they are still happening there. Milestones of the scene’s history are coming to life on these monumental happenings. Let’s just think of the Sigue Sigue Sputnik’s gig in 2000, the comeback of the Yello, or the first bigger concert of the Prodigy - these all came to pass on Mayday. And what makes Mayday a Mayday? Albeit it has indispensable ingredients, after all, the most important is the intellectuality of these parties, when a mass of thousands celebrate their absolute love in a gigantic location. And what is necessary by all means: a new Mayday anthem from year to year. Members of Mayday is a thirty-minute interlude on the peak of the bash, when all the DJs and VIP guests are dancing on the stage, while the anthems of good old times are on the menu again (e.g. Sonic Empire ’97 or Save the Robots ’98 have reached the evergreen category since then). Green-blue-red lasers are sweeping the dancers: the dense flow of light is quite a costly part of the show, mopping up a considerable quota of the Mayday budgets.

The most important summit of the techno world started it’s conqueror way from Berlin, and through Cologne, Dortmund, Frankfurt and Poland’s Katowice, it found it’s way on to St. Petersburg of Russia and to the capital of Hungary, Budapest. For our days, Mayday acquired worldwide appreciation with professional light and sound techniques in use, not to mention the fact, that it constantly presents the best DJs and live act of all.

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