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Para Establecer Un Río (ARG) // Maira // MySolaceLies // Karfest@Venster 99

Para Establecer Un Río (ARG) // Maira // MySolaceLies // Karfest

Fr., 28. Sep. 2018 20:00 @ Venster 99 , Wien - Alsergrund

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Zirkon and GiGExtra present:

Para establecer un Rio (ARG) // emo/post-rock
(Peur) is a emo/post rock four member piece from La plata , Argentina. they play a mix between euphoria and melancholy.

The band has already 2 albums
-) s/t 2014 -) Los mapas del fuego (2017),

This is their first European Tour (Para Establecer Un Rio / EuroTour)
so it´s now our turn to welcome them on their stop here in Vienna!
--> https://peur.bandcamp.com/album/los-mapas-del-fuego
--> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DG55rqL1cRQ

my solace lies (AT) // post-alternative/indie
take their listeners on a musical journey filled with tender melodies and energetic walls of sound. The four-piece released their first full-record “authorised absence” on the 15th June this year.

Classic instrumental post-rock-songs meet soft ballads, groovy indie-beats contradict the heavy Post-Alternative-Sound the formation stands for.
--> https://mysolacelies.bandcamp.com/album/authorised-absence
--> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_IQPw6kSlE&t=640s

MAIRA (AT) // post-rock/blackgaze/indiepunk
Waking up in a dark area, dreaming in the middle of the forest, high trees are taking the light. Nothing, nothing but the cold, darkness, loneliness to feel, far away from any civilization. Chirping birds in the distance. Hope that tomorrow will come …

Suddenly a sound pierces through the thick leaves, steady, pulsing. Slowly a melody unfolds …
---> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sd8mI2uXvLE
---> https://maira.bandcamp.com/

Karfest (AT) // prog/alternative
Karfest is a trio founded in Vienna in 2012. Their music is a mixture of progressive and alternative rock. With their heavy grooves, the band captivates its audience and creates a special atmosphere with their emotional lyrics sung in german language. Come to the Karfest!
---> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=prJCwSgk_sM
---> https://soundcloud.com/karfest

doors: 20:00
fee (for their fuel): 8-10

TimeTable: +/- 15 min.
20:30 - 21:05 - KARFEST
21:20 - 21:50 - MAIRA
22:05 - 22:50 - PARA ESTABLECER UN RIO
23:05 - 23:50 - MY SOLACE LIES

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