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Sonntags Abstrakt - live: AMP2 (IT)@Postgarage

Sonntags Abstrakt - live: AMP2 (IT)

Mi., 16. Jun. 2010 20:30 @ Postgarage , Graz

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» Live: AMP2 (IT)

» DJ strichweh
AMP2 is a permanent lab founded in 2007 in Palermo by Domenico Sciajno, aiming at conveying the creative spirit of artists whose aesthetics does not focus onconventional styles, codes, or genres. AMP2is based on a core unit that has been conducting a continuous and thorough work, alongside to AntiTesi(www.antitesi.org), collaborating with other Italian and international artists such as Peter Kutin, TimHodgkinson, Anthony Pateras, Sean Baxter, Dave Brown, Francisco Lopez,Kim Cascone, and takingpart to festivals and concert series like Live!iXem, Velak Gala, QuietCue. Musicand sound, but also video, image, dance, writing, and so on. The main idea of this project consists on showing the artist's willingness to leave apart the idioms and preconceived codes of their disciplines toembrace a new language, made up of contextual emergences and deep listening, shared by all artists.

Einlass: 20:30 / 2nd floor Eingang über Rösselmühlpark)
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bar special: alle Cocktails nur € 4.-

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