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The *Coremasters vs. Megarave Records@Schloß Neugebäude

The *Coremasters vs. Megarave Records

Sa., 09. Nov. 2013 22:00 @ Schloß Neugebäude , Wien

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*Core Club Austria presents:

Hidden in an outlying area of Vienna, between bushes and graves, sits an old castle with an adventure-filled history. This landmark building, raised centuries ago, is the perfect location for what we, the *Core Club Austria, call an ideal hard and dark event – The *Coremasters vs. Megarave Records on 9th November 2013!
This name stands for the best quality in sound, energetic music and a pure powerful party atmosphere!

5th Edition

After four successful editions of The *Coremasters in Vienna with Omar Santana, Rotterdam Terror Corps, Art of Fighters, Kasparov, Dazzler en Endymion, among others, it’s time to go one better with the cooperation with Megarave Records and this unique line up for Austria:


The crème de la crème of Megarave Artists will do us the honour of performing on The *Coremasters vs. Megarave Records! Darkcontroller, Chrono & The Demon Dwarf, Dione (who will also perform under his alias SRB [This is Terror Records]), DJ Nonasylum and Hardcore Masterz Vienna will bring furious, hard-kicking sounds that will bring the party to the boil! You should also look forward to a performance by Radiate [Offensive Records]. And last but not least, get ready for some hardcore- girlpower behind the decks with Klaut-G!!

Anthem and Trailer

For this event, Darkcontroller and Hardcore Masterz Vienna featuring MC Sheep have created a smashing anthem with the vocals of MC Sheep! Give the track a listen and also watch the powerful trailer to enjoy a thrill of anticipation!

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3ufHiSBoOw&list=HL1376402537&feature=mh_lolz

Anthem coming soon!


Price for a ticket will be € 25,-- until 30th of June, after that the price is € 30,--
So get your ticket in time and ensure your special price, saving € 5,--!!

Tickets will be available on 2 presale points in Vienna at the Haarmafia:

1050 Wien,
Lugner City Shoppingcenter

2334 Vösendorf,
SCS Shoppingcenter

Attention: there will be no ticketsale at the door. People from outside Vienna will get their ticket by post! (don’t wait too long with your order as the sending takes time) contact: [email protected]

Don’t miss The *Coremasters vs. Megarave Records as this is a turn-up for the books!!

09th November 2013
Otmar Brix Gasse 1, 1110 VIENNA - AUSTRIA

Dione (NL-Megarave Records)
Chrono & The Demon Dwarf (NL-Megarave Records)
Hardcore Masterz Vienna (AT- Megarave Records)
Darkcontroller Vs. Nonasylum (NL-DNA Records)
Radiate (NL-Offensive Records)
SRB (NL-This is Terror Records)
Klaut-G (AT)

MC Chemistry (DE)

Sound by Funktion One

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