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Vienna Stand-up Comedy Club@Scotch Club

Vienna Stand-up Comedy Club

So., 15. Dez. 2013 19:30 @ Scotch Club , Wien - Innere Stadt

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Ok elves of comedy,
come get ya laugh on with us this Sunday at Vienna Stand-up Comedy Club. Naughty or nice, we don’t care, as long as you're on our list. But sometimes a little naughty can be nice.

Once again our candy cane, sorry I meant mic is yours. I know some of you have been tempted to lick it in the past, but please don’t. Not that it’s unsanitary, it’s just plain distracting.

This Sunday is the last show of the season, but don’t worry we’ll be back after the holidays. Also Santa will be giving out another prize, and it ain’t sleigh bells.

As always we encourage all of you to prepare a funny script at home, and don't be shy, we don't bite unless you ask us to.

Entrance fee---> 5 Euros
Location--------> Scotch Club ( Parkring 10)
Date&Time-----> 15.12.2013.19:30
Welcome shot-> Included

Kind regards,
[email protected]

Ho Ho Ho…..or whatever

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