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Zwischenstrom Spezial@Gasthof Bindreiter

Zwischenstrom Spezial

Sa., 21. Apr. 2007 20:00 @ Gasthof Bindreiter , Weitersfelden

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Eintritt: AK: Bis 21.00 Uhr € 6,-/danach € 8,-



» Fink (Ninjatune/UK)

» B. Fleischmann (Morr Music) - Visuals by mnd (Backlab)

» Florian Kmet (100% live loops)

» Roland von der Aist (Etage Noir/Backlab)

» Irradiation (Backlab/Temp, Records) Visuals by Stefan Kushima (Backlab)

» Mes (Backlab) visuals by Karin Steinbinder (Backlab)


» Parov Stelar (Etage Noir)

» Len (Backlab/Temp, Records)
About Fink:

- “I feel like I’m 21 all over again,” says Fink exuding enough wide-eyed enthusiasm to back up his claim. This former purveyor of cool, laidback Ninja Tune beats has done what very few recording artists would dare to do - he has changed. Completely. “I’ve DJed the world over, remixed for countless acts, and produced inspirational artists (including Martin Taylor, Amy Winehouse, Michael Pitt, and Robert Belfour), but what I’ve achieved with this album has wiped the hard-drive off anything else! I’m completely consumed by it and nothing else seems relevant.” What Fink has achieved is to have been reincarnated as Ninja Tune’s first ever guitar-toting singer-songwriter.

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