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Ich lebe für den Margie-Song gegründet am 07.01.2008
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Ich bin mir sicher, alle King of Queens - Freunde lieben diesen Song.. smile


Doug Heffernan - The Margie Song

Margy-girl, my heart's in a whirl tonight.
I need you bad, oh Margy...
I need you so, oh Margy-girl.

Before we met, nothin' in my life was right,
but all that changed with Margy.
You've blown me away, oh Margy.
Remember when we met between Math and Spanish:
You... were a woman...
and what was I? Let me tell you what i was, i was manish!

You were never lookin' finer
than the night we went to Becky's diner.
We had onion rings i could fry
with love on the side.

I knew my single days were over,
drivin' in your Chevy Nova.
Margy if you ever say goodbye,
i'd just lay down and die...


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