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Just like a Pill@Grand Sala

Just like a Pill

Fr., 05. Jän. 2007 21:00 @ Grand Sala , Wien - Liesing

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Psychotic Micro (Noize Conspiracy / ISR)

Psychotic Micro are Mickey & Kobi, tow young Israeli guys who started to make their own music 2 years ago.

They discovered the psy-trance music in the early 90’s, both coming from the rock scene: Mickey as a drummer in a metal band and Kobi as a guitar player in a psychedelic rock group.

Their music is pure energy generating a psytrance chaos which takes the dancefloor with no mercy. They have a collaboration whit Digital Tolk, making music together under the name Psycho Talk.

And have also started whit Azax Syndrom a project called Catla.

presenting their new album " EDGE OF SANITY"


Psychosis (Noize Conspiracy / GR)

Djane D-Juna (Nutek Rec. / DK)

MaOaM (2mushrOOms / AUT)

Goagnom (Pirate tribe / AUT)

Tomi (Spacelords / AUT)


2mushrOOms and Blubb 2mB

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