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Soundlab Pirates - 1st Anniversary@Altes Wagenwerk

Soundlab Pirates - 1st Anniversary

Sa., 11. Feb. 2012 20:00 @ Altes Wagenwerk , Wien - Donaustadt

Eintritt: AK: € 15.-(ab 24:00 Uhr € 18,- )


█ This year again - maya´s birthday celebration and in combination we celebrate the first year of SOUNDLAB PIRATES in a veeery special atmosphere!! It´s a huge hall with enough space to dance, have fun, relax, talk, enjoy and and and.. █

LINE UP: Aerospace - SubConsciousMind - Ianuaria - Kashyyyk - Klangmassage - mayaXperience - Djibril - Sabsunshine - Pinocio - Lyserg - Kri - Vasudeva

Your psychedelic journey will be on a FUNKTION ONE Soundsystem

www.funktion-one.com (full power - on both floors)




█ :.. MAINFLOOR ..: █

(FullOn, Psychedelic, Progressive)


(Digital Nature Rec.) ISRAEL


A DJ and producer since 1998. In 2005 Guy began his solo progressive trance project Aerospace which has thus far produced many releases for top progressive trance compilations and four outstanding albums.

He has performed his music all over the world, playing events such as the Full Moon and Indian Spirit festivals in Germany, E-nigma and Universo Paralello events in Brazil, the Aurora festival in Greece, Time & Space festival in Mexico, the Spirit Base festival in Austria and many club and outdoor parties all over Europe. Aerospace is a constant line up fixture on the 3rd Empire events in Israel& he is co-owner of Digital Nature records.

█ LINK: www.digitalnature.info

█ TRACK: http://soundcloud.com/aerospace/aerospace-and-inner-state-no

█ VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DBwlvz5EQ2Y



(Somuna Festival) SWITZERLAND


Raphael Huber from Switzerland is behind SubConsciousMind or short SCM. In 1997, with no musical or

technical experience and having no one to ask, he started to teach himself everything he needed to know by simply tweaking till it sounded like music. Since then he has released two albums, performed live internationally and carefully developed his own edgy and characteristic style. His music is unique, not only in its style but also in its intensity. From the first tone it takes the listener onto an unpredictable trip into an inner world, where moods, emotions and pictures melt into a colorful and complex artwork. There is no way out and when the songs are over the listener may suddenly awake in a different state. Shaken, touched and definitely a little more "complete".

He already performed on many stages around the globe, for expample Boom Festival & Ozora - just to name a few!

█ TRACKS: http://soundcloud.com/subconsciousmind/tracks

█ VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2iiyVJx0VkE


█ █ IANUARIA █ █ LIVE - with his new album ‘BE AWARE OF THE FISH’

(Blue Hour Sounds/Glowing Flame) AUSTRIA


Behind the Project “Ianuaria” is Josef Hofinger based in Austria.

He started treading my mu of 6, taking drum lessons at music school for 11 years, and during that time, he played in various kinds of bands and ensembles. In 1996 he started djing Psytrance and, caught by the fever, he started to produce his first own tunes in 2002. Now he is signed with Blue Hour Sounds Records (http//www.bluehoursounds.com), and after a successful, digital EP release (The full spectrum EP´s), the second album "Beware of the fish" is released.

“It is all about music .I describe my music as experimental psychedelic twisted, and took alot of inspiration from the oldscool sounds of the early 90´s like Koxbox,Psychopod, X-Dream, Hallucinogen, TIP, Parasense, Slinky Wizard, Etnica, Doof,MWNN, Elysium, Prana, Hux Flux, old Rastaliens, Total Eclipse,old Xenomorph, Logic Bomb and many more......”

█ TRACKS: http://soundcloud.com/bluehoursounds/sets/bhscd005-ianuaria-beware-of-1/

█ VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtCK8iPoroQ



(Soundlab Pirates/Lucid Dreams) AUSTRIA



Karl K. & Rene P. are the 2 funkyfresh dudes behind the project ‘Klangmassage’. Since 2 Years they are playing in and around Europe, to rock the dancefloors and bring the people in shakin’ mood. Their funky psytrance style is unique and not been here before!

█ TRACKS: http://soundcloud.com/soundlabpirates/klangmassage-mashup

█ VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkK5J8tmgT0



█ MAYA-X-PERIENCE █ Birthday Set

(Soundlab Pirates/Lucid Dreams)

Artist Info:

well known as dj maya & sun-experience – and after many gigs together in the past, they decided to combine in one name – mayaXperience was born in 2011. Their journey brought them in several Clubs and Festivals all over Austria, and many other Countries like Spain, Hungary, Czech Republik, Portugal, Turkey and even Panama.. Now they started to focus on producing there one style and get more and more infected!

Since one year, they are pushing Soundlab Pirates into Viennas and the worlds PsyScene. Things are going on! Get prepared for the first strike!

█ TRACK: http://soundcloud.com/mayaXperience

█ MIXES: http://soundcloud.com/soundlabpirates/sets/mayaxperience

█ VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VnZnS3Qh9ek



(Soundlab Pirates)


Djibril aka Andreas Gabriel discovered his interests in electronic beats in the mid 90´s, when illegal Undergroundraves took place in Austria. The Streetparade 1994 and the famous Rave´s in the Vienna Gazometer were impressive events for him!

Many Rave, Tekkno, DnB and Electro Partys later he finally found his “direction”.

His young DJ carrier started in 2006, under his pseudonym Djibril (arab. Gabriel), influenced mainly by the Israeli Full On Sound.

Djibril and his old friend Ro-Tama started to produce and came in touch with the guys of GrooveCriminalsRec.

Their first track called "Self Control" immediately got integrated in the LiveAct of “Combinations”.

In 2008 his Sound changed into Twisted- Twilight Psy, Night Full On and Progressiv Psy.

In 2010 the new Formation Soundlab Pirates was founded (which Djibril is now representing) to bring all the Psy Scene in Austria and Worldwide to another level.

█ MIX: http://soundcloud.com/soundlabpirates/djibril-groovy-adventures

█ VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0OyebgYeeP8



(Soundlab Pirates)

█ MIX: http://soundcloud.com/soundlabpirates/sabsunshine-wild-one

█ VIDEO:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZw1tSpcatU


█ :.. *LUCID DREAMS* FLOOR ..: █ Night Flight upstairs


(Kamino Rec.) MEXICO - http://www.kaminorecords.com/



█ PINOCIO █ (Soundlab Pirates/LucidDreams)

█ MIX: http://soundcloud.com/soundlabpirates/pinocio-pirates-revolution

█ VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qh7MqEmisy8


█ LYSERG █ (Soundlab Pirates/LucidDreams)

Artist Info:

Martin aka DJ LYSERG fell in love with psychedelic music in 2006 on the legendary Sonnenklang Festival in Austria. Since that day, he was infected with the psyvirus. After visiting a some and festivals all over Europe, he began to think about organizing parties himself. In 2007, he started djing and the well known partyseries LUCID DREAMS, and started doing small full on parties in his local club in lower austria and keeps on rockin till now. Nowadays LUCID DREAMS changed its style into dark psychedelic music and right now, they are the only crew in eastern Austria who organize dark-hightec psychedelic parties. Since 2009 LYSERG is more into djing darkpsy than ever, and with a lot help of his friends, he learned quickly, so he got the possibilty to play at some parties all over Austria and more was coming; until now, he played in Hungary, Germany, Spain and as told in Austria, and he played alongside well known acts like Psykovsky, Kindzadza, Rawar, Jesus Raves, -Z-, Antagon, Select Project, Enchikin, Irgum burgum and many many more. For the near future, gigs are planed in France, Switzerland, Morocco, Spain, Turkey, Guatemala, Germany and for sure a lot of gigs in Austria. - stay tuned for more infos!!!!!

█ MIX: http://soundcloud.com/lyserg/brainbuster

█ VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TeoWISj85iE




█ MIX: http://soundcloud.com/vasudeva


█ KRI █


█ MIX: http://soundcloud.com/kri23/kri-intellektueller-dialog-der


█ :.. DECORATION ..: █

we will change the location into a blacklight bright shining spaceship which will blow your eyes and we´re supported by




*Lucid Dreams* Floor

NEIL GIBSON (CANADA) --> http://www.neilgibson.ca/



█ :.. the LOCATION ..: █

is something veeery special!!


Stadlauerstrasse 41a

1220 Wien

U2 Stadlau - and about 10 min. by walk


█ :.. ENTRY ..: █

limited PRE-SALE (100 Tickets)

12€ - available soon in different shops


█ :.. SPECIALS ..: █

Check it! - is represented with an Information and Analytic tent


Makava Ice Tea special (more Info soon)





The Flyer is ready soooon - watch out for it .. ;)