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Kolmgut pres. Djane Ladida@Kolmgut

Kolmgut pres. Djane Ladida

Sa., 11. Feb. 2006 21:00 @ Kolmgut , Prambachkirchen

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LADIDA „the queen of czech techno“ www.ladida.tv / CZECH REPUBLIC

Ladida is first Czech dame by the decks. This three-gramophone magician introduces her dynamic electronical sound with percussive elements and organic platforms which is very popular today not only all around the republic but especially all around the world. Ladida is also a very respected producer today. Her producer career success is based in her wide-range musical spectrum, long-time experience and her last tracks with a very innovative sound are being played by best world techno DJs.

She has travelled all around Europe, North America, Asia and Australia already and she is able to fit her unique Prague sound into more and more expanding techno world.

ZYGY – mosp.info / imperium CZECH REPUBLIC

VAN BASS – sounddepartment

COSMIC SENSE – www.cosmicsense.net

RALPH PITCH – freakout allstars
LADIDA the queen of czech techno!!!

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